Teaching vocabulary to young learners thesis

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This thesis contains no such material as has been submitted for examination in any course or There are many strategies in teaching vocabulary for young learners, such as using songs, short stories, toys and etc.

Fun activities may help students to be more involved in. 2. In relation to the teaching of vocabulary for young learners, it is interesting to know the techniques used in teaching vocabulary to young learners at SDN Sumbersari 2 Malang.

The results of the semi-structured interviews also supported the quantitative results indicating that online vocabulary games increased motivation of the students. Additionally, it was observed that young learners were amused by digital games and were willing to learn more via them.

The aim of this study has been to investigate how and to what extent storytelling is being used as a didactic tool in teaching English to young learners in Ukraine and Norway. AND STORY TELLING ON YOUNG LEARNERS’ VOCABULARY Master Thesis, English Language Teaching Department Supervisor: Asst.

Teaching english to young learners assignment

Prof. Dr. Julide NÖZÜ September,90 Pages Coping with heavy load of vocabulary items, has always been problematic for activities, teaching young learners.

TEACHING VOCABULARY MEANINGFULLY WITH LANGUAGE, IMAGE, AND SOUND by Doraina Diane Pyle A thesis submitted to the faculty of Brigham Young University.

Teaching vocabulary to young learners thesis
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