National parks destructive or useful

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Climate Change And Your National Parks

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Wild or Prescribed: Two Kinds of Fire

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What is a Park Ranger?

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Rocky Mountain Region

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Yellowstone National Park

Lack of staff was attached. Today's rapid climate change challenges national parks in ways we've never seen before. Glaciers are retreating at an unprecedented rate, increasingly destructive storms threaten cultural resources and park facilities, habitat is disrupted—the list goes on.

At its founding inthe fledgling National Park Service at first managed only a handful of (mostly western) parks. By that number had grown to parks, historic sites, seashores, rivers and urban recreation areas across the nation.

Park ranger is a broad term for a career that is incredibly multi-faceted and diverse. Park rangers are responsible for protecting our state and national parks; the natural resources, ecosystems, and wildlife within them; and the people who visit them.

Since the rampant wildfires that have swept through western states such as California, Nevada, and Oregon over the past few summers, many have called for increased logging inside national parks.

Cyclones are dangerous because the winds can be destructive, and because heavy rainfall and storm surges (raised tidal levels) can cause flooding in low-level coastal areas. Cyclones range in severity from category 1 (least severe) to category 5 (most severe) and can last from a few days to a few weeks.

National Parks: Useful or Destructive? In his essay “Glen Canyon Submersus” Wallace Stegner writes “In gaining the lovely and the usable, we have given up the incomparable” ().

National parks destructive or useful
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