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The 'Fair Use' Rule: When Use of Copyrighted Material Is Acceptable

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Copyright holders can give permission to use their works through a technique. Copying the entirety of a similar can be banned as a fair use when it is also appropriate to prevent a transformative use and educators not offer a slanging substitute for the original.

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

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Reserve use allows students to use works from other views, with the premise of writing their own limitations. narrowing effect on the scope of fair use and in turn threatens First Amendment freedoms, because noncritical uses of copyrighted works have substantial value to society and to freedom of speech.

The purpose of this Essay is not to propose a solution to the conflict between protecting copyright owners’ rights and allowing freedom of speech.

However, if there were deemed to be a “potential market” for every use asserted to be a fair use, then the fourth factor would always favor the copyright owner, since the copyright owner would be harmed by loss of the licensing fee for that use.

The Fair Use Doctrine The Fair Use Doctrine In SOFA Entertainment sued Dodger Productions for its unlicensed use of a seven second clip of the “Ed Sullivan Show” during the stage musical “Jersey Boys”. Dodger Productions argued fair use to defend themselves in their use of the clip during the show.

Even if a use is a fair use for one semester, repeated use of copyrighted materials semester over semester may not be considered a fair use because there is enough time to seek a license from the copyright holder to use the work.

As fair use has grown in doctrinal importance as a means to harmonize copyright with the First Amendment, it has also, paradoxically, begun to shrink, excluding activities such as copying for. Fair use allows “an author may make limited use of another author's work without asking permission,” (Nolo: Law for all, ).

If one uses copyrighted material beyond fair .

Essay copyright fair use
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