Cassius using logos

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Can you cite ethos and logos examples in Julius Caesar?

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Frequently asked questions about the transcontinental railroad. Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum. Audie Cornish is a co-host of All Things Considered, NPR's award-winning afternoon newsmagazine.

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Previously, she served as host of Weekend Edition Sunday. Prior to moving into that host position. Ethos, logos and pathos are three persuasion tools used by Shakespeare in Mark Antony’s funeral oration over Caesar’s body.

Ethos is appeal based on the character of the speaker, Logos is appeal based on logic or reason and Pathos is appeal based on emotion. Shereen Marisol Meraji tries to find the humor and humanity in reporting on race for the NPR Code Switch team.

Her stories center on the real people affected by the issues, not just experts and. being persuasive, Cassius is the most persuasive due to how he changes Brutus's perspective of Caesar almost flawlessly while using more than one of the three artistic proofs.

While Cassius is the most persuasive in his speech, Brutus and Mark Antony both use methods of persuasion worth noting in their speeches as well.

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Cassius using logos
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