An experiment aimed at performing electrophoresis using restriction enzymes and lambda dna

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Enzymes used in molecular biology: a useful guide

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One of the most basic techniques of molecular biology to study protein function is molecular cloning, in this technique, DNA coding for a protein of interest is cloned using PCR and/or restriction enzymes.

Methods and Protocols

Break both DNA strands at a defined distance from a recognition site o e.g. HgaI o Require Mg2+ and ATP Hundreds of restriction enzymes have been isolated and characterised Enables DNA to be cut into discrete, manageable fragments Type II enzymes are those used in the vast majority of molecular biology techniques Many are now commercially.

Bench Guide. Dear Customer, The QIAGEN® Bench Guide is designed to help you with your laboratory work. Background information, protocols, hints, and tips are provided for purification and analysis of plasmid DNA, genomic DNA, RNA, and proteins, as well as recipes for buffers and solutions. Using DNA to Trace Human Migration Probing Genes and Genomes Learn about research aimed at thwarting denuge fever in the lab and in communities.

Biology of the Mosquito Vector An animation illustrating how dsDNA is cut by restriction enzymes. By using a microfluidic electrophoresis platform to perform DNA sequencing, genomic information can be obtained more quickly and affordably than the currently employed capillary array electrophoresis .

An experiment aimed at performing electrophoresis using restriction enzymes and lambda dna
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