A discussion on albert einsteins hypothesis that humans use only 10 of their brains

New Information about Albert Einstein's Brain

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New study furthers Einstein's 'theory of everything'

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Albert Einstein: Biography, Theories & Quotes

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Vince Biological Psych Exam 1. STUDY. PLAY. The notion that the mind resides in the pineal body comes from: studies of the brains of very intelligent people (e.g., Albert Einstein) have revealed that intelligent people's brains: have no. the story is a fabrication and only proves the gullability of those who choose to use it to support their unfounded beliefs.

Humans only use 20-30% of their brain

Reply Posted by Milton Platt on 6/4/ AM. The notion that humans use merely 10% of the brain has long since been disproved. Scans of the human brain show that the arts, especially music, engage the ‘whole brain’, and sometimes, %.

A discussion on albert einsteins hypothesis that humans use only 10 of their brains
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